The sthlm Sessions Vol 1

The Sthlm Sessions Vol 1

The #sthlm sessions Vol I
By Menios Symeon


The tracklist

1  After The Storm

2  Remembering Her

3  Dreaming Of My Mother

4  Daydream

5  Flashback

6  Leaving For Space

7  Piano On The Top Of The Mountain

8  Stratosphere Blues

9  Terminal X

10 Midnight Concert For One

11 Fading Moon

12 Thin Air

13 Confession

14 Metalleaves

15 Twisted Mirror

16 In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Hope

17 Sunday

The Stockholm Sessions Vol 1, 2 and 3 are instrumentals recorded live in one take in my home studio during
July 2014.
The Stockholm sessions will be uploaded on various music websites. Later in time they will be made available in for purchase in three separate volumes through the artists homepage.

“Recording in one take is always my approach to instrumental music, especially solo keyboard music
It captures the feeling and emotion of the very moment music is flowing from within, something that is not repeatable.”


You can find the Sessions from Volume one on the very website as well as in Myspace, and in Bandcamp soon