menios symeon

Starting as an indie and releasing music when cassette tapes were still around, Menios Symeon has been releasing original music since 2001. His first recording was an instrumental collection recorded at home using simple keyboards. nonetheless inspiration never left and many years later he recorded his first album named Panselinos (Full Moon) with 10 original songs, written, arranged produced and performed by him alone. Themes of lost love, loneliness and melancholy over a progressive rock and pop tunes and lyrics.

In between this album and the next came a long period of silence as it so often happens with musicians who work in other professions to keep paying their rent.

Around 2006 came a four song EP which was never released in physical format until today. It is called Η νυχτα κραταει ακομα where again he was the main actor behind arranging performing and producing this original material. More happy tunes including the track Το ονειρο.

Again as it is a recurring theme is his approach towards releasing new material, came a long period of silence, with no new releases but instead focusing on writing and recording at home

Fast forward to Athens, where he revisited the idea of recording new material.Ενας κηπος στην καρδια μου was recorded in Athens in 2008 and  released a year later in 2009, just as he left Athens to live abroad. It is the first time session musician and engineers participated in the creation of the material, a welcome change from the solo norm. Leaving Athens at the end of 2008 just before the economy crisis erupted in Greece and perhaps seeing ahead into the future he relocated to focus on his professional career, leaving music in a hiatus.

The Stockholm Sessions Vol I , II, III

Around 2013 he setup he set up his first home studio experimenting with new styles such as electro, drone, new age, dance and ambient. At the same time trying to collaborate with local musicians to create music under a more social environment and with fresh ideas.

Out this home studio came new material called the sthlm sessions

Indie music is all about doing it yourself the right way, and it is about having direct contact with your listeners without others deciding how it should sound, be packaged and what should it cost (or be totally free for that matter)

The first volume is about solo piano, rhodes, mellotron, mellow synth tunes and  is released in September 2014 on SoundCloud and various free music services.

The sthlm Volumes 2 is more electronic experimental and ambient, with drones and ambient sounds as the primary fabric.

Volume 3 is a return to familiar piano based sounds together with new electronic soundscapes.