Wrap up of the Sthlm sessions Vol 1 and final thoughts plus Vol 2 plan

I have found the time and energy to wrap up the last 8 tracks that were remaining on hold and so t his concludes Vol 1 of the Stlm Sessions. Which makes me a very happy person.

Vol 1 is all about tunes that you hear after midnight: mellow, soft reverbed piano and pad based, the kind that you will never ever hear on the radio…but wait a second… is that a good or bad thing? I will let you decide about that since for me it is all about keeping it real even if it never gets airplay… it gets the most airplay in my head and that’s enough for me.

Being proud about the songs and music you make is way much more valuable that making big bucks and loads of screaming fans. If this music is meant for only a few or even less, that’s ok, I can live and die with that knowledge. It is what it is. End of story.

So these are tunes that the majority of them were recorded in July 2014 in sessions that were mostly into the night, it seems when everyone is sleeping and there are no more children screaming outside in the playground I can concentrate and let my imagination free. The most important is that these tunes were recorded live and were improvised, as I do since forever when playing keys. But this time I also recorded them on MIDI so that I can have an archive of my play, back in time, since in the past years I came up with so many melodies that I never recorded not even on audio, since I had not a home studio. But now I run my own show when recording, and isn’t that a good thing?

The road ahead

The road ahead is already there since I have recorded tracks that are also recorded during July but I have chosen to edit and master them inn a later time since they involve different instrumentation and styles, hence Volumes 1,2 and 3.

Vol 2 will be more fun since it will include a more experimental approach with tracks featuring drums, spaced out filtered guitars and samples vocals among others. A taste of things to come can be found in the track Terminal X which has already been released along with the first bunch of tracks from Vol 1.

That is all folks now I have to open up Ableton Live and educate myself some more about this weird DAW interface and decide if i love or hate it.

Want to hear more from me?

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Vol 2 may be coming at a slower pace and it really depends on the mood and feeling of the moment.

I think I want to take things more slowly and experiment more with instrumentation with the tracks i ahve allready plus new ones that will come down the road. If and when I have made a track that I want too share with this futile world, i will do so through this blog.

MS out