The Sthlm sessions Vol 1 is here

It is Monday the 25th of August 2014 and the sun is shining out my (office work) window.

I think it is time that I shared with the rest of the world (whoever and wherever you might be) the direction my music has taken me recently.

In July  I found myself in front of my home studio with plenty of time among old and  new music toys to play with.

Menios Symeon The Stockholm Sessions Vol 1


I started recording new material, a few months back experimenting both with new styles and most importantly new ways to create and play music. Getting out of my comfort zone in other words.

So I found myself playing a very well known type of music: instrumental. It is where it all started and so I felt that I revisited my younger self by playing music not based on my lyrics.  It is  where all started a long time in another small room.


The shtlm sessions will be released as separate pieces of music and when all material from the first volume has been released the Volume will be released as a complete package. A physical release may or may not follow. Stick around to find out.
Listen to the first track: After the storm


PS Getting out of your comfort zone is sometimes the best thing that could happen to you.