Scandinavian Street Music Festival: Nykoping 16-17 June 2017


I will present the Stockholm Sessions plus a selection from my instrumentals catalogue at Nykoping’s  Scandinavian Street Music Festival

Entry is free, so all friends of Instrumental music join me to listen to my music live for the first time. I will be giving away free CDs too.


More info on the exact time and place will be updated here.


Αυτά που εννοήθηκαν

New Music> Agua Dorada> Enjoy!

Το μονο καινουργιο (Ειναι ο αερας που φυσαει)

Η ζωη μου Κυκλους κανει

Στις πολεις του μυαλου μου

October Rose

goodnight my love

The End